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Tinywar is Alex Cowles, a Scottish designer & creative.

By day, I’m Head of Design at Brainnwave, and some of the rest of the time I produce electronic music under the name Stillhead. I run a couple of record labels, host a music podcast called Insight, I write a blog at How To Self Release, and when I’m not doing all that, I fill my time with Warhammer.

Until starting this blog, I mostly had my stuff on Instagram at @tinywarpainting.

I’m fortunate enough to have space where I can paint regularly, as well as a garage and space enough to build gaming tables. I also picked up an Elegoo Mars in early 2020 so I’m getting to grips with that too.

This is my current painting/modelling setup:

My current painting/modelling setup

Right now, the blog will serve as a home for my painting, tutorials, colour recipes and various other things I create. Hopefully it’s of some use to someone!

Any questions, issues or whatever – you can get me on