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Basing Colour Recipe 02 – Urban City Rubble

As part of the basing series, this is a 90mm round base, which will be for a Space Marine Primaris Invictor Warsuit. It’s going to be one of my Golden Demon 2020 entries.

As the second part of the tutorial we’re going to tackle the rubble. I wanted it to look like broken slabs and generally old city rubble which had been broken.

Paints used:


  • Black Spray Primer
  • Dawnstone
  • Longbeard Grey
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Biel-tan Green
  • Wrack White

First up, let’s have a quick look at the finished rubble:

Note my dropper bottles and drybrush paints in the background!

OK, so first step is obviously basing black – but since that was done when I did the whole base, the first step we take here is a fairly heavy drybrush of Dawnstone.

I’d recommend getting the drybrush version of this paint for this, since it’s a bit thicker:

You can see I also went over some of the parts on the metal, since they’re from the same place.

Don’t worry about the other details if you go over anything – we’ll be tackling the skulls and weapons etc later. Just be careful around the already painted metal.

Next up, a less heavy but still reasonable drybrush of Longbeard Grey:

You can see that lightens things up somewhat.

Because we don’t want everything to be the same tone, I decided to wash some of the ground areas and little bits here and there with Agrax Earthshade:

I also went into some parts (not as many) with Athonian Camoshade, to represent a bit of green stuff – moss, growth, the sort of slime that might live between the cracks:

The green and brown help introduce new colours into the fairly monochromatic greys of rubble.

There were even one or two bits I used Biel-tan Green on. This was of course more sparingly, but consider cracks and crevices where growth might occur, and give it a shot – it’s always possible to drybrush over it again and take it back a notch:

I then took a very light drybrush over the top of it all with Wrack White.

This brought up the highlights, but didn’t compromise the colour too much:

And there we have it. Our rubble is done!

Any questions – just comment below!

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