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Basing Colour Recipe 04 – Abandoned Helmet & Weapon

As part of the basing series, this is a 90mm round base, which will be for a Space Marine Primaris Invictor Warsuit. It’s going to be one of my Golden Demon 2020 entries.

For the fourth part of the tutorial we’re going to paint the abandoned Astra Militarum helmet, and Lasgun. Since my warsuit will be army-green, I’ll match the base elements to it, for consistency and so they don’t stand out too much.

Paints used:


  • Black Spray Primer
  • Deathworld Forest
  • Athonian Camoshade
  • Straken Green
  • Krieg Khaki
  • Leadbelcher
  • Nuln Oil
  • Ceramite White

First up, let’s have a quick look at the finished weapons:

First step is to base both helmet and gun in Deathworld Forest.

After a couple of thin coats, you can wash the lot in Athonian Camoshade to darken the recesses.

Once dry, I mixed Straken Green and Deathworld Forest to get a lighter green and use that on the upward facing areas as a large highlight:

I then covered the edges with Krieg Khaki – mostly on the gun as you can see.

Moving on to the metal, I used Leadbelcher to cover the metal parts of the gun and helmet:

A quick wash of Nuln Oil over the metal to fill the recesses, and I painted the Aquillas on both gun and helmet with Ceramite White:

After a couple of coats of Ceramite White I gave the white areas a light coat of Nuln Oil to dull them down a bit:

And that’s pretty much it! Base sorted.

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If you have any questions about the base, just comment below.

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